Wednesday, April 27, 2011

life is beautiful

Life is Beautiful ...
dont let anyone convince you differently
especially yourself you are your own worst critic
i have to leave myself constant reminders about how beautiful my life really is
this world is trying to convince us that life is not beautiful
i will be the first to admit i am my own worst critic i hit a point not to long ago
where i saw only negatives in my life
* i was not pretty enough
* i did not have the "cloths"
* i dont have the car ( i drive a 18 year old car)
* i did not have the sophisticated job
* i go to the grocery store in sweats ( i was unaware that was a fashion NO)
* i am not a size zero
* i am FAR from tan
i am sure you can see where i am going with this one by now 
* i dont have long hair 
* i dont match my cloths
* i love the DI
the list goes on but....
it hit me a while ago that my

"happy girls are pretty girls"

I wear boots 
not heals
i hate "eye" make up 
i wish i had red hair

i dont watch what i eat

I have dreams ... BIG dreams
I live my life with no regrets 
i secretly love pink and poka dots
i do hair .... and love it 
i love feathers and bright colors



i live my life because i love it!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

getting old?

I know I am only 20 but I am reminded everyday that I am getting older from....
  • Kenzie telling me how excited she is to plan my birthday party!! (21 BIG DEAL)
  • The fact that my back hurts every night
  • My feet constantly hurt
  • I watch Oprah & Dr. Oz
  • I take mid day naps (everyday)
  • I go to bed no later than 10:00 p.m. (on weekends to)
But this was the ultimate reminder

Tuesday night Kenzie and myself spent the evening at Cory's house with his mom Michelle sister Haley and his 2 adorable nieces!
1st Clue Haddy Boo comes running around the corner with her arms open offering the hug of a life time so I go to bend over and grab her but  I STRUGGLED TO GET BACK UP! ** STRUGGLED**
as I sit there holding haddy she decides she wants to play a game :)
* I look at Kenzie GAME TIME
DUCK DUCK GOOSE suggested game!
sigh of relief
I can play that! I dont have to concentrate and its not to hard PERFECT
so as the four of us sit in a close circle  Gracie is up to bat
Kenzie jumps up and chases her around the circle.....
The first few rounds go good as I am anticipating my turn
Haddy Boo you're up

she tapped me on the head

the anticipation was finally over MY TURN 
it took me probably 15 seconds to realize it was my turn by that time she had already made it around the circle and was ready to take my place
as the game goes on I am finding it harder and harder to stand up and sit back down and you are wanting me to run in between the up downs??
DUCK DUCK GOOSE has been proven harder than you think and for a 20 year old
this is not a good sign!
Down hill slope already

oh and did I fail to mention .....

we have the same sparkle tights. (she is less than half my age) hehe

Monday, March 14, 2011

goodbye is the hardest part

saying goodbye is the hardest part!...
I guess we could say that posting this on my blog is my way of mourning the loss of a GREAT friend!
Cory Jex 
has always been and always will be an amazing friend of mine
my friendship with Cory bloomed when I was a sophomore in high school. Cory was dating my best friend Bryn Bertleson and I was dating his best friend Tyler Dawe.
Let me just tell you there was never a dull moment and the 4 of us spent everyday during lunch, after school, and into the weeeee hours of the morning together. That was a lot of time but it never got old! some of our expeditions started with lame trips to wal mart to all day trips snowmobiling.
fun was CLEARLY our middle names

we established a instant bond that will last beyond this life

Cory and I spent a lot of time together we were famous for surprise visits to each others houses were we spend hours talking about everything. Cory was someone I could talk to about anything! he humored me in listening to all my stupid boy drama and giving me endless advice on how to handle the problem he loved telling me "show him who wears the pants heather, we all know it's you" he was my shoulder to cry on and when i felt like i had no one else i always had Cory to lean on!
we loved hanging out in his basement watching movies and laughing I was famous for jumping from couch to love sac to couch and back to the love sac i always ended up landing on Cory and staying there he laughed every time even though i am positive i hurt him at least once.

poor Michelle had to listen to my laugh that echoed to whole house from down stairs
there were a few times she came down stairs making sure nothing was wrong (if you know me you know what i am talking about)

I always had fun when I was with Cory
one day I was over at his house hanging out with him and he got up to go to the bathroom so being the idiot that I am i thought it would be funny if i ran after him and jumped on him.
Cory got up and started to walk towards the bathroom
I leaped off the couch (literally) and went chasing after him
as Cory grabs the bathroom door to open it
I SCREAM "think fast"
Cory turned around facing me and ....
wrapped my arms and legs around him and we crashed to the floor kicking the door wide open
we laid on the ground laughing for not less than 20 min
good thing i was close to the bathroom cause a serious accident was on the verge of happening

forgive me Michelle I am guilty for the black smudge and dent in the bathroom door down stairs which i am sure Cory told you was him!

we had ups and downs but that only made our friendship stronger! and had so much fun together.
Cory was always looking out for others and put us before himself.
he always rescued me from places i did not want to be and would give up his night of fun to either come get me or take me home.
I cant tell you how many parties he ditched just to come watch a movie with me because I was having a bad day. he always made me feel better
Cory and I probably got the closest when I spent a entire summer with him sitting at the tattoo shop day in and day out going to the carnival, and going camping. we did everything together that summer i even got cool enough to go lazer tagging with him and all the guys!
did i not only embarrass myself i ruined Cory's reputation

but like i said Cory always put himself last
and i admire that about him.
he never cared what others thought about him.

I never ended a conversation or left him without a huge hug and him telling me 
"LOVE YOU LONG TIME" and this i will never forget

Thank you for being a part of my life and letting me be a part of yours. I learned so much from you and look up to you in so many ways. I admire all the amazing qualities you have and strive to find them in myself. Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on and spending countless hours with me. Thank you for teaching me so much about myself and giving me endless amounts of advice that I still use today. You were always someone i could count on for anything you always made me feel unstoppable.
I will never forget all the fun we had and all the stupid pictures we used to take!
You are what I would consider a BEST FRIEND!
I love you Cory!
You will never be forgotten
xoxo Heather

R.I.P. Cory Jex
November 14, 1988
March 13, 2011

watch over all of us!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

consider it a privilege

this post is a shout out to my awesome roommate Sadie! not only does she have the "privilege" of living in the same house as me she was lucky enough to get to share a bedroom with me. LUCKY LUCKY GIRL
first off I would like to apologize to her for the constant mess...
I leave our bedroom
the 3 foot stack of cloths behind the door in our closet,
that I never make my bed (Sadie does it for me half of the time)
and that I have such a strong opinion on where the mirror hangs on the wall
I am lucky she puts up with me
she was lucky enough to have the experience of  her life of being my roommate the other night!
let me give you a little back ground to get this started
I get up every morning at 7:00 am to go to work which means I go to bed every night around 10:00 pm
I live and exciting life I know (it will change ones the sun comes out)
so .....
Monday night I went to bed @10:00 and was completely asleep by 10:30 so at about 12:00 I have hit the point of no return I am fast asleep and dreaming my night away!
catchin some zzzzzzzzz'z
Sadie being the night owl that she is comes home about 12:30
she comes in and there is absolutely no movement from me I am a goner..... zzzzzzzzz
this is where it gets good....
"how was your day sadie?"
......... no answer from Sadie (she thinks I am asleep) which I am!
"did you do anything fun" I ask another question
then she responds with "nothing exciting"
.........I dont respond
"heather are you awake?" she asks me
"NO" wait what?
I sat straight up in my bed!
Sadie starts hysterically laughing :) long story short I apparently sleep talk and no its not a mumble  or one word I speak in full sentences and try to have full on conversations with you!
Sadie I am sorry......


our resting quarters.....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Where it was recently Valentines Day and where I work in a restaurant and where I do my fair share of Facebook stalking to keep up on everyone's relationship status changing
I started paying closer attention to these "COUPLES" and I have come to a conclusion that more often than not 1 person in the relationship is lacking (AKA) one is a lot hotter than the other
what is going on in this world.....
what happened to pretty people marring pretty people and
ugly people marrying ugly people
who decided it was acceptable to switch this up a little
maybe it is more than skin deep?
don't get me wrong I am not saying there are no cute couples out there cause I am not I see cute couples everyday.
but this is becoming a problem
Yesterday I was doing my traditional FB stalking at about 10:00 last night while I was laying in bed and came across a relationship status change from IN A RELATIONSHIP --> ENGAGED
I was...
I had the worlds biggest crush on this boy in high school back them I would have claimed I was "in love" with this boy he was perfectly dreamy in my eyes and just about everyone else s
so I instantly FB stalk her
who has this boy chosen to marry over me??
as the stalking takes place I feel my chin drop into my lap HOLY SHI what has happened ... NO HE IS NOT... WHAT THE??... YOU ARE KIDDING right?
I will just let you guess what is wrong with this girl?
not at all what I would have pictured him to marry (not just because its not me) he could have any girl in the world and he has chosen this!!!
12 hours later I am still in shock
if she can get him what can I get? ;)
this gives me a little hope for myself!

my famous quote:
 "I guess there really is someone out there for everyone"

not good
 not good together but both beautiful people!!

there is more bad than good these days!

hmmmmm.... I wonder what I will end up with!?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"how is everything tasting"

this post is purely to clear a few things up for all you people out there that have never had any experience being a server!
being a server is HARD work weather you believe it or not
and it requires 3 things
1. the ability to multi task
2. patience/customer service
3. a good pair of shoes
in the restaurant  industry the customer is right 100% of the time. And there is not a freaking thing the server can do about it. most of the time we agree with you but there are times when we bite our tongue  when we know you are wrong.
we only get paid $2.15 a hour not  $7.25 so.....
yes we live off our tips and when you tip bad we don't even make minimum wage that hour!
when the restaurant is busy and your food take a little time to come out ITS NOT MY FAULT
if the cook messes up your food ITS NOT MY FAULT
if the hostess skips you ITS NOT MY FAULT
if you don't like your food ITS NOT MY FAULT
so some one explain to me why am I punished (with a crappy tip) because someone else messed up!
also a little more information about a restaurant us as servers have to "tip out" the buss boys a percentage of what we sell that shift
let me break this down for you!
if I sell $500.00 in a shift I tip out $15.00
so if you dont tip me I still have to tip out on your bill which means I lose money because of you!
if you "DINE AND DASH" the restaurant does not eat your bill I DO
just because we live in Utah and are over whelmed by a LDS community and we pay our church 10% tithing does not mean we cant tip our servers more than 10%
and when Oprah suggest only tipping your waitress 10% to cut down on the cost of a meal DONT LISTEN
if your intentions when you go out are to not tip your server or tip him/her less than 15% why don't you just stay home and save even more money!
all in all dont punish your server for something you know they had no control over and....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

true obsessions

let me tell you a little something about obsessions! I have a few, some are known and some are not really talked about but I guess that is about to change by posting them on my blog.
oh well here goes nothing! to start off my biggest obsession right now is

I love love love me some pretty little liars. this obsession started not to long ago maybe 2 months or so my love has just grown fast, probably to fast. it all started when Mars and Mercedes would constantly talk about it and making it sound like these characters were there friends i had to get in on it! I watched my first episode and was instantly hooked! what is not to love about 4 sketchy girls trying to solve a friends murder while dating one of there English teachers one of them being gay one stealing money from anywhere possible to keep herself a float and trying to keep secrets all at the same time! its the best thing that has probably ever happened to me. it has even got me reading which i don't ever do but if i watch the show i have to read the book! RIGHT!?


obsession #2
I have a crush on her! yep I said it with no lesbian tendencies but I love her! she is amazing my love and crush developed for her when she came out with her new album "LOUD" get serious! what is not to love about her? if you can find something legit let me know cause i don't think there is a reason out there! every single song on this album is AMAZING! explicit yes! but still amazing! it surprised me actually not what you would expect out of rihanna but she always pulls through i am not shocked!! LOVE HER

obsession #3
cant get enough of it!  my nails are painted most of the time and most of the time a pretty interesting color anywhere from red to "jade is the new black" (i love the names opi comes up with for there nail polish) they never stay the same color just like my hair! i guess you could say  :) I am working on a serious collection it grows every day.
i need to stay away from cosmo prof cause i go in there to get one hair product and come out with 2 color tubes 1 bottle of developer 1 shampoo and conditioner duo 1 deep conditioner and 6 new nail polishes! hmmmmm you guess it i cant keep the spending under control at any hair store!

yes there is more!

obsession #4
yep... Brad Womack himself!
 Yummy!! ... not only is he the most eligible bachelor in the country he is beautiful and has the most amazing smile, eyes and i love his voice
I don't miss the bachelor for anything I am in love with him and the show it is amazing every season! I could defiantly do with out the random therapy sessions in a few episodes.(helping the therapist do a little advertising)
did I fail to mention his body!!
oh gosh i wish i was her! oh Michelle OK!.... yes she is from UTAH and surprise she is a psycho no wonder everyone in the world thinks Mormons and people from UTAH are nuts 

obsession #5
he is 16 and every girl in the world is in love with him!
ok not only is he the cutest thing you have ever seen. but he is a good singer his songs are catchy and easy to love
every man in America will tell you he is pathetic and has no talent but let me just tell you men only say this because they are jealous of the millions the beib is racking in at the age of 16
just so you all know
JB could retire right now and be set for life yep at 16
so eat it up boys and wipe those jealous grins off your faces!
I HAVE GOT THE BEIBER FEVER ... and i don't care who knows it!

last but not least

obsession #6
THE 80'S
everything about the 80's is phenomenal from big hair and acid wash jeans  how could you not love the 80's personally I love everything about it!

the closest i can can get to the 80's is the infamous 80's dancing! it brings out a side of me that is only seen by a select few close friends!! whats better than dancing to 80's music in a trashy venue with sketchy people it couldn't get any better if you ask me
now you know all my secret obsessions....
At least i am not scared to admit it!